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We conducted a survey with over 1500 teenagers & young adults and asked them to recollect 5 of the most
Teaching is not an easy profession, it is strenuous with a global pandemic. It is normal to feel overwhelmed by
Online classes have always been hard to cope up with. Here are a few tips to get you through!
Exams are testing times for students. Some find it exceptionally easy while others struggle to even score the bare minimum.
(Read till the end to learn about the solution to all your problems!) The pandemic has transformed the centuries-old, chalk–talk
A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor.Franklin D. Roosevelt  Stress Response or in shorthand, stress is the way in
India's Dancing Idol
Apply Now The heat of competition is a funny thing. It brings out sides of our personalities we never knew
Young Coders Award 2020
Apply Now Does your child love computers? Does he start learning a programming language in his free time, or try
National Young Engineers Award
Apply Now Does your child love to build new science models? Does he start working with different tools during his
Did you know that participating in competitions helps the student to push themselves and bring out a better version of
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In a situation like today where everything is virtual, and people are still trying to adapt to the new normal;