7 Tips for Online Teaching!

Teaching is not an easy profession, it is strenuous with a global pandemic. It is normal to feel overwhelmed by this daunting task, but don’t worry, our dear teachers, Vawsum’s got you covered. 

Here are some tips you can use to improve your online teaching! 

Remember to read till the end, we’ve got the answer to all your problems!  

Let’s begin!

Be familiar with the platform you use!

Don’t just jump into taking lectures without familiarizing yourself with the app or software you use! That is similar to crossing a street with your eyes closed! You never know what error will pop up while teaching or the difficulties students face while learning. 

Learn about the software/app first. Read the manual, watch YouTube videos, and then take the next step! If you are using the Vawsum App the look at our YouTube tutorials!

Plan your content

A simple look into the book and explanation will not work. Online classes need more eye-catchy visuals and curiosity evoking exposition. Therefore, plan what you are going to present and how you are going to do it. Make sure that the students receive the lesson plan so they are prepared too. 

Show your face

This is key. If you simply put out a presentation and read through it, nobody will bother to listen. The lack of a physical classroom is already unsettling, let’s not make it worse. Show your face while taking classes, be it live or recorded. The students will feel much better and might concentrate as well. 

Make your class interactive

Sitting in front of a screen and listening to someone speak for hours together is an ordeal. Students love to talk, even if they are shy. Encourage them to speak, ask them to take lectures, answers their questions, call them by their name, and give them a task; waiting for volunteers is not a good idea always.  

Don’t bombard students with excessive activities and short deadlines

Although activities and assessments are quintessential, they can add to their stress response if not handed out properly. First make sure they understood the concept well, then hand out assignments. Give them at least 3 days for submission and longer if need be. Try not to lash out if submissions are not done on time, it could be due to a technical difficulty or personal problems, always communicate.

Record your classes

Students who are sick or are facing internet issues may not be able to attend your lectures on time. Make sure you record your lectures and make it accessible to them. You can use google drive to upload study materials and your recorded lessons and send the link to all students, this way they can revisit the concepts and strengthen their understanding.

Communicate with your students

Not all doubts and queries can be answered during a live session, there are kids who feel anxious to talk, that’s where texting or calls will help. Communicate with your students, personally or in groups, ensure they are doing well, and have understood their concepts. Build a bond and see how your class improves. 

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