Impact of Technology on Education

“Education is the Most Powerful weapon which you can use to change the World.” – Nelson MandelaTruer words have never been spoken. If the world is a battleground, then education is indeed the weapon that one would love to have in his/her arsenal.  Education has the power to break apart all barriers and keep people together. Right since the ancient times, quality of life, values at social and individual levels, spiritual and material progress have been direct products of education. Of course, the form and methodology of education have been undergoing transformation constantly and consistently with changing times. In ancient times, education was very intimately connected to religion and the social values of the day. But, during the recent centuries, the scope of education, all thanks to technology, has increased enormously to include much more than what it did previously.Technology has many different effects on education, one of them being enhancing the students learning. Technology may enhance the students learning and may assist most students in achieving their academic standards. When technology and appropriate teaching methods are combined, technology may increase the academic achievement. Positive effects have been found in all major subject areas, from preschool to higher education, both regular and for special children. Educational technology has been found to have a positive effect on a student’s attitude toward learning and on self-concepts. The introduction of technology into the learning environment has allowed the learning to be more student-centered, to encourage group learning, and helps to stimulate an increase in the student-teacher interaction. Technology has shown a shift from a focus on a student’s memorization to their problem solving. Through technology’s use, learning opportunities have become unrestricted by time or place, allowing lifelong learning. Student use of technology through communications can also help to enhance access to a career and  continued education. Students are more likely to use a computer to get help because they can do it themselves. Technology is helping students to become independent.Technology has had a great impact on education.

  • Research work can be done in a easier way because of the development of software’s like Encyclopedia Britannica. Educational apps, search engines, videos, portable technologies and interactive activities provide students with a nearly endless supply of information and resources.
  • Students can opt for distant education classes, called “correspondence courses,” at community colleges and universities.  Thanks to technology, students can opt to take such courses over the Internet at their own convenience.
  • When schools in different parts of the state, country or world connect, students can “meet” their counterparts through video conferencing without leaving the classroom. This serves as a very good platform for the students to communicate and this can also help students to learn different languages.
  • Many schools/students cannot afford to bear the expenses of a foreign field trip but all thanks to technology, students can use the Internet to virtually attend Web seminars put on by museums and other educational institutions. NASA, for instance, offers a program that allows students to talk to astronauts in space.
  • Thanks to technology, young students can learn the basics of spelling, counting and other early educational lessons through computer games that make learning fun.

Not only has technological advancement like tablets, apps, video and interactive whiteboards be learning tools for students, but it has also served as an additional teaching tools for educators. Technology has revolutionized the modern way of education. The most powerful weapon Education, coupled with Technology has indeed been a giant step for mankind and is changing the face of the earth.

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