Vawsum Celebrations – an offering from India’s best Engagement App

We conducted a survey with over 1500 teenagers & young adults and asked them to recollect 5 of the most memorable occasions of their childhood. The results were surprisingly common.

  • 95% had memories from impressionable moments spent with their parents/teachers
  • 88% said Birthdays 
  • 81% remembered festivals like Diwali, Eid or Durga Puja
  • 80% of them recounted special achievements in school at an extracurricular activity

What made these moments special was mass adulation and recognition that they came with!

It couldn’t have been a more opportune moment at Vawsum-India’s best school app, to launch Vawsum Celebrations

A product to celebrate special moments in Vawsum’s Community of 5 lac students across 1500 schools!

Celebrating Birthdays with Vawsum – School Parent App, in 3 simple steps.

Vawsum Celebrations Main Screen

Step 1: School Admin gets auto-reminders of the birthdays.

Vawsum Celebration template

Step2:  The system also generates a personalised birthday message. Schools can also customise the message.

Post message and Interactions

Step 3: The greeting then gets posted in the class e-diary. Parents also get Birthday notification for their kids. The post can then be mass circulated across the entire school.

 A simple and elegant product to make birthdays a grand and memorable moment!

Vawsum Celebrations Festivity

Celebrating Festivals with Vawsum is identical to Birthdays. Additionally, Parents, and teachers can share the school’s greeting across common social channels (FB, WhatsApp etc.) and the greeting transmits with the School’s watermark.

There could not be a better way of spreading communal harmony.

We all love to celebrate! Let’s make it even more awesome, with Vawsum – School Parent Mobile App.

Get #Vawsum! After all 1500 schools and daily 5 lac engaged learners can’t be wrong.

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3 thoughts on “Vawsum Celebrations – an offering from India’s best Engagement App

  1. Great addition to this engagement app. Birthday’s and Festivals are occasions we all remember from our childhood.
    Provides a good opportunity for schools to engage with students & parents.
    #engagement #engagement app #vawsum

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